Nothing Funny About Apollo Ecigs E Liquid

Review of the Apollo Ecigs E Liquid

In this article, we are going to talk about the Apollo Ecigs E Liquid. It is the popular brands of the electronic cigarette on the market. Many people try to quit their bad habits of smoking with many kinds of products. The electronic cigarette is just one of the products that can help the habit of smoking to many people. For some people, quit the smoking habit is easy. They just need the simple distraction to stop the smoking habit. Some of them just need to chew the gum as the distraction, or they can eat some snack to stop that smoking habit. However, some of those people cannot stop their smoking habit with those distractions. They need the better distraction to stop their smoking habit. With the help of the high technologies, we can use the electronic cigarette products like the Apollo Ecigs E Liquid as the distraction from the real smoking habit.
The electronic cigarettes will give the better feeling to the user, because the shape and the feel of the products are the same with the original cigarettes. However, the Apollo Ecigs E Liquid and the other products of the electronic cigarettes give the advantages to the user, because they do not contain any tobacco. This user of the electronic cigarettes will inhale the vapor of the nicotine with the appearance of smoke. However, those are not smokes, and they are safe, because they do not contain any carcinogens formula like the tobacco cigarettes.
The design of the Apollo Ecigs E Liquid is great. You can see that the design of this electronic cigarette is better than the design of the other brands. If you ask people to pick some electronic cigarettes based on the appearance of the products, people will choose this electronic cigarette, because the design is better than the other products’ design. The design is very important factor. It will give the comfortable feeling to the user, because it has the design of the premium products. The feeling of touching this product will give more pleasure to the user.
However, the charger of this product is awesome. You will get the set of battery and charger for this product. You do not need to worry about the charger. You will get the wall charger and USB charger. They have considered many factors, including the charger. Because of that, you will be able to bring this portable cigarette with you to any place you want. The charger supports any kind of the situations in the days.
Many people have proven that the Apollo Ecigs E Liquid is good product. They like the feeling in their throat when they use this product. The design is not random design. With the same thickness of the real cigarette, the user will not get any disturbance from this product. They will be able to enjoy their smoking time, because they use the same thickness of cigarette. However, you should understand that they provide many kinds of flavor for this product. You can change the flavor based on your mood, and you will see that this electronic cigarette will give you the satisfaction.

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Bull Smoke Gets Adult Film Star Abella Anderson

Bull Smoke Gets Adult Film Star Abella Anderson As A Sponser

If you haven’t heard of Bull Smoke, they are an internet based electronic cigarette company that can be visited at  They have been around for about 3 years and are considered one of the best electronic cigarette brands online.


With that said what is the deal with them letting Abella Anderson be their new spokes person?  Look I’m a guy so I totally get sex sales but this is not at all needed for this product to be successful.  Bull Smoke offers a great product at an affordable price and are pretty well known online.  So why the risky campaign?  Do they really need an adult film star to flash her chest and seductively suck on their electronic cigarette to drive sales?  What about the women that use this product?  Is their next video going to be a male adult film star rubbing it on his body?


The entire deal is one big JOKE if you ask me.  Like I said before, I get that sex sales but this is just distasteful raunchy garbage.  She’s talking about putting long hard and black hard things in her mouth like that’s going to sale me on Bull Smoke’s products.  She even goes on to say she prefers black over white in her mouth.  10 years ago I might have though this was an awesome video but today being 30 and married with kids, I just find it disgraceful.  I must say I’m really sad that they’ve turn to this style of marketing online.  I’ve read so many good things about bull smoke on electronic cigarette review websites but now after seeing this video I wouldn’t buy anything Bull Smoke put’s out.  I don’t care how much money I can save using Bull Smoke Coupons and discount codes.  I mean how do they go from the Prancercise lady to an adult film star?  I never thought I’d say this but Joanna Rohrback is a way better option of promotion.  If this is just some kind of shock campaign Bull Smoke is running, it worked!


So now that’d I’ve said my piece if you want to see the video I’m talking about check it out below….it’s pretty funny.

Adult Film Star Abella Anderson Loves Bull Smoke in Her Mouth